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The Doctor smiles…

He’s trying to do the Fourth Doctor grin, but his mouth isn’t wide enough.

hahahaa didnt realize that akjsdlasjda that’s right :D

Doctor Who Humor

Okay, so i was watching Doctor Who yesterday. I had my tablet running at the same time; The Ghost Radar Classic program was running as well. It’s a radar for Ghosts and other things. The app can pick up words that the things say as well. it speaks it out in TTS and shows the word on the screen as well.

When the lines between Clara and 12 got to the point of the “Constant Companion line, and him never being alone”, the GRC spoke aloud and said “This.”

I looked down in shock and sure enough, a blip was showing up on the radar. It was near me, but at angel so that if it was anything, it would have been watching that part along with me!

Needless to say, I laughed at the sheer timing, truth and choice of word on GRC!